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It's said that individually we perceive less than 1% of what there to experience but what does that mean to our life and what exactly are we missing out on?


96% of people live a life of stress and negative emotionality, which leads to challenges in all areas of our life. Stress is well known to be the root cause of all the big killer diseases in the western world today and the BIG problem is we are so used to living with it, it actually feels normal to us.


The truth is that most of our actions and behaviours are driven by unconscious automatic responses to what is going on in the world around us. In otherwords we are what's known as 'external' in our thinking which leaves us as victims of everyday situations and circumstances that we try to control but cannot...


The 'Expand Towards Enlightenment Program' will brings you to a point of power within yourself as you unlock the hidden parts of your consciousness.

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The 'Expand Towards Enlightenment Program' is available to purchase from of our sister site 'The Conscious Portal'. You can purchase this course for a donation to the 'City of Light Project', another of of our projects... The Course is contained in 6 Sections, with access to 14 Training Videos and 32 Lectures (Documents).


The City of Light - Imagine a new City being drawn on a blank sheet of paper, a City whose inhabitants lived lovingly with each other and all the tribes that we share our great planet with. What would it look like, what would the buildings look like, how would we eat, what would be different? The City of Light is a social experiment which has the objective of being an example of a new way of living and being - visit -


One amazing lady that started the course was so amazed by what she learned that after her inital donation of £100 she decided that it was so valuable that she would donate a £1 a day for one year and donated £365 to the project. This lead us to set this price while allowing you to choose a % of this so your contribution to The City of Light Project feels comfortable to you....


When you click through to purchase, which you do by clicking the 'Conscious Portal' logo to the right, you will see the price set at £365. You will then see a box at the top where you can enter the 'Coupon Code' which gives you an automatic discount off of the £365 - Here are the 'Coupon Codes', just copy and paste one in that works for you...


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