About the Secret To Life & How can it help you?

Yes, you're in the right place if you're finding life somewhat of a struggle in your health, wealth or relationship life, you've done everything you know but nothing seems to be working...


Or maybe you are doing great but somehow it feels like there should be something more to life. Perhaps you feel your levels of happiness and/or fulfilment are falling short of your expectations and you simply don’t know where to go for help...


So yes, you're in the right place, a place where you get the opportunity to really find a perception on life that maybe you just didn't know existed. A way of finding and experiencing life in a new and more empowering way.


The site is all about helping you ‘expand your awareness’ and ‘consciousness’ and to see and experience things that you may not have thought possible.


We have created a set of five videos to share with you, the 'Secret to Life'.


Each video takes a first look at a conceptual tool designed to assist you to become even more aware of what is causing your life to be as it is. A word of caution though; these videos share concepts that are subjective and therefore need to be experienced rather than looked at 'cognitively'.


The four videos cover 'understanding consciousness levels' including the superconscious, your personality style and how that forms the footprint of your life. We also cover 'multidimensionality' and at 'A Map of Consciousness'. They are designed to ask you to think about where you are on each 'map' and where you might currently live.  


There is a bonus 5th video covering 'Duality' and 'Cause and Effect' - Enjoy...

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The 'Consciousness Test' is a totally unique way to find out more about your personal level of consciousness and what that means in terms or your life. Taking the test will give you amazing insights into your moods and emotions and how they create much of your life experience.


Many people experience unhelpful patterns running through their life, whether in their health, their wealth, or their relationships, but why is that and what specifically do you need to do to change things so you get less of what you don't want and more of what you do want?


When we become aware of the negative emotionality that impacts our lives we can then use our inherant 'power' to redress any issues. The Secret to Life concepts will assist you to understand even more how to impact your life positively through expanding our level of consciousness and living our true multidimensional self.

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It's said that individually we perceive less than 1% of what there to experience but what does that mean to our life and what exactly are we missing out on?


96% of people live a life of stress and negative emotionality, which leads to challenges in all areas of our life. Stress is well known to be the root cause of all the big killer diseases in the western world today and the BIG problem is we are so used to living with it, it actually feels normal to us.


The truth is that most of our actions and behaviours are driven by unconscious automatic responses to what is going on in the world around us. In otherwords we are what's known as 'external' in our thinking which leaves us as victims of everyday situations and circumstances that we try to control but cannot...


The 'Expand Towards Enlightenment Program' will brings you to a point of power within yourself as you unlock the hidden parts of your consciousness.

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If you are looking to change your life experience, you could do no better than come to a 'Secret To Life Live Event'. We hold then every 3-4 months around the UK, London, Birmingham and/or Leeds/Manchester.


This unique event covers subjects other personal or spiritual events fail to cover in in doing so they open you up to new perceptions that are truly life changing. The weekend event over Satuday and Sunday breaks into two halfs. The Saturday is devoted to concepts and models that open you up to new perceptions of life and more importantly your own life.


The Sunday is devoted to exercises specifically designed to have you experience things you have never experienced before, which has the effect of bringing you to an expanded consciousness.


Your event organisers Tony & Nicki Vee have over 30 years of experience in helping people grow and expand, it's an event not to be missed...

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The purpose of 'The Conscious Portal is to support you to expand your knowledge and awareness of consciousness. This is a vehicle that brings teachers of consciousness and students wishing to expand their consciousness together in one place of sharing and learning.


The Conscious Portal has build into it both a student and a teacher platform, from where you can start your journey of sharing, learning and hanging out with cool people interested in expanding their awareness of both life and self...


Teacher can set up their own platform from which they can share their message across the web though the Conscious Portals own 'Webinar System', its own 'On-Line Course System' and through their own 'On-Demand Course' and products which they can easily install on the Portal itself...


In adition to this, the Portal houses its own e-mail campaign and broadcast system as well as its own 'Live Feed' where, when you post on Facebook, your post appears to the Portal audience and vis versa. Students can attend an ever growing assortment of live webinars as well as make and connect with a great peer of like minded people... We look forward to welcoming you...

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The City of Light project is focused on creating an eco-society based on ethical and spiritual values. It’s seen as a social experiment where each person involved feels an intrinsic part of the project whether they are a founder, a friend or family member.


This ‘experiment’ has the objective of finding a way that leads mankind towards a new path, a new way of living. It’s a path where individually and collectively citizens give and share with others the gifts of our human earthly life whilst living in harmony, not only with other life on the planet but with Mother Earth herself.


Humanity has reached a turning point; for so many to continue to live unconsciously is no longer an option. Living consciously will be the choice of the courageous few. Only those open enough and willing enough to experience ‘uncertainty’ from a place of love, truth and trust will forge the path for a new harmonious civilisation.


History has shown us that change happens in our moments of decision. It also shows that a decision by one person can set off a chain reaction as other people of similar values and outcomes join in to give life to a seed of an idea. When that idea is nourished it grows and as it grows it gains momentum. So what might seem impossible becomes possible. Visit -