Saturday 31st October & Sunday 1st November 2015

The Secret To Life 'Live Event' is

like no other event you've ever attended.

 It's a mixture of powerful, new, little known learnings & experiences that truly     can radically transform your life...

What exactly can you expect from attending?  


Firstly you can expect your consciousness to expand considerably just by being at the event - why? Because...


* You will have access to your own personal 'Map of Consciousness' which will clearly show you where you live, where you are during your lows and highs, as well as fully explaining the ramifications of your egoic self.

This information will set up what we call your 'A' point. It's often said, "If we don't know where we are, how will we know how to get to where we want to be".


*You will discover & meet your egoself which can be such a cool experience! and one that allows you to fully understand more of you. Why would that be useful? Well, when you really know yourself you are massively accelerating the time it takes to achieve the results you want in life...


* You will learn about and meet your multidimensional self, an even more monumental experience! and it will I promise, as you become aware of this part of you, bring you new insights that will allow you to see what's possible in every part of your life.

Tony & Nicki Vee Delivering

Secret to Life One - London June 2014

When is the event? - The next event is on Saturday the 31st October and Sunday the 1st November - 9.30am till 5.30pm (ish) each day. There is a special dinner on Saturday night with chat, shares and more, followed by a late night film for those that want to stay late...


Where is the event? - The next event is at a hotel in the Heathrow Airport area...


How Do I Get There? - We chose Heathrow as it is so easy to get to. There will be onsite free parking. If you are coming by train traveling to Heathrow is easy from most places around the UK...

Can I Stay Over? - Yes, you can and we have created a list of all the hotels and bed and breakfasts in the area to meet all budgets and all not far away...


Special Bonus Session - Saturday Night Dinner - It's been a tradition for over ten years that, at all our events we offer a bonus dinner session. As always it promises to be a very special occasion with lots of new distinctions, shares and surprises and of course a fabulous 3 course dinner with wine - Tickets for the Bonus Dinner Session, including your meal and wine/soft drinks is just £50 per head.


How Do I Book? - We have a limited number of discounted tickets on sale now for just £150 and you can bring your partner, family member or friend for just £75 - Click below to purchase your tickets.

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Why not come along to the next Secret To Life Live Event, here what one participant shared...

Tony & Nicki’s Secret To Life event delivered to me just what I wanted it to!  It was a hugely entertaining and interesting weekend, during which I learned a lot about myself and the universe to which we are all connected. In a quiet and gentle way, life since has been easier, calmer, and less stressful and I am more aware of it all. My ability to manifest in my day to day life is much increased - so I am happily manifesting another visit to their next event :)... Much love Nikki xxxx

"I have attended a few  "Tony and Nicki" events over the years and always come away with amazing insights about life and how it can be lived.

The Secret To Life event was no exception - if anything, what we learned in two fun packed days (and evenings!), really was what the title proclaimed it would be. But, as in all Tony and Nicki's live events, you leave with the tools that enable you to live in a more expanded way, not just with a booklet of strategies that you shove in a drawer as soon as you get home. I hope to see you at the next one!" Nigel Irving.


Our Special Celebrity Speaker to be revealed

Tony and Nicki's 'Secret to Life' event was an amazing experience.  

I loved it!

It was totally different to any other event I'd been to. Both entertaining and educational; filled with unique and relevant info.


Tony and Nicki have great energy and a world of knowledge. I would highly recommend you go along and spend the day with them; it will definitely expand your mind!

Isabel Almeida

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